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Editing enemy AI and more


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Hi friends .. been long time visiting but need a little help from the Expert Modding community!


I have no knowledge regarding Modding and stuff but limited to extracting sounds, videos and stuff that involve simple extracting from game files.

Recently I downloaded No One Lives Forever 2 Toolkit and seems very easy as far as modding missions even for a newbie like me.


Now, the problem, well I want to make few changes inside the game script or say, mod/tweak the NOLF 2 missions for the following:


  1. Make enemy AI more smarter, esp. during japan missions where the ninja guards are very weak in reacting to your presence. so, I want some tweaking making them more aggresive to the Cate's presence almost real life AI as seen in SWAT 3 and Hidden and Dangerous 2, etc. ... Also, it seems a bug or glitch when Cate is hiding under shadow (when eye icon is full) and the enemy doesn't move and stands still searching till eternity. the moment Cate swaps a weapon, enemy jumps to the hidden place killing her makes it really silly to hide and sneak silently.
  2. Make Cate go Prone and jump / roll towards sides which the enemy's (esp. Siberian missions) are capable while Cate's moves are strictly limited to sneak, lean and jump ..That's it! smile.gif

thanks and waiting for reply...

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Hi Shrek....welcome to Unity HQ...........


Interesting mods you are suggesting, not sure if the platform can support such mods, but the experts out there will soon tell us.


If you want some real AI competition, let the AI's be human and join us in multiplayer online, we won't let you hide in the dark :fal: lol

Normally a crowd gets online about 6:00pm GMT


Look forward to seeing you :new_snipersmilie::awm2:

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