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NOLF2 Team Fortress

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NOLF2 Team Fortress:


General Rules:



- no weapon pickups. People select a class which determines what weapons and items they start with, but also the attributes of their character. Think of the classes as presets for the NOLF2 character development system, with a couple of added abilities for certain classes


- there are still armour, health and ammo pickups


- reviving is still present


- each team has a flag. They score points by stealing the other teams' flag, then running over their own flag while holding it.


- The game ends when a score or time limit is hit. Generally frags are irrelevant to the score.


Distinct character classes:



-Scout: moves very fast, but can only carry a pistol with Cyanide and has a max health of 50, armour of 100


-Sniper: average movement speed, carries sniper rifle and pistol. Can become invisible by crouching in the same place for 15 seconds, becomes visible again when they shoot or move. Max health 50, armour 50


-Medic: fast movement speed, only carry CT-180 with glue, tranqs and a new type of dart, the healing dart, for use on teammates. Max health 200, armour 100


-Engineer: average movement speed, carries shotgun and pistol. Can resupply teammates with ammo and also repair their armour in the field. Max health 150, armour 150


-Demolitions Expert: very slow movement speed, carries Micromissile launcher and a full set of grenades (ie 5 of each type). Max health 200, armour 200


-Pyro: your friendly arsonist. Moves average speed, carries AK-47 with one phos clip and a set of acid-gas grenades. Max health 50, armour 100


-Double Agent: fast movement, carry a silenced pistol and a CT-180 with full glue and tranqs. Can disguise themselves as a player from the other team. Disguise fails if they shoot or get the other teams' flag. Max health 50, armour 100


-Trooper (AK-47): average movement speed, carry an AK-47, pistol and 3 grenades. Max health 50, armour 200


-Trooper (Gordon SMG): as above except with a Gordon SMG


-Trooper (Gordon SMG SD): as above except with Gordon SMG Silenced


-Trooper (Shotgun): as above except with a shotgun


-Trooper (Sniper Rifle): as above except with a sniper rifle


Job list:



- add class system to game, make model dependant on class


- build menu for class selection


- model the flag


- make icons for new ammo types


- make some maps. There are heaps of TF maps for other games to base these on, and DD maps can be easily converted


- play play play!


Anyone who wants to get into this can PM me. I'm open to suggestions, but would rather hear them after people have played a beta, not right now, because things which bother them now in theory might turn out to be fun in practice.

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is this like...a new MOD...like...a type to play...like DM and DD...?


if it is...neo might be ur man for the job...he has to be one of top moders around...


if u need any maps for it...i might be able to help wink.gif

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