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Dedit First Timer =)

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Hello Everyone!

I asked Elitone while i was playing today nolf2 with nolfers.. and so the question is for you Stg.Pepper or any map maker..

Can you give me a quick explanation about making the characters do an animation (for example i want to make Isako's cinematic's animation..)how do i force her doing that??? :S

well i wait for a answer


Greetz Mike

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i dunno AI`s... i just build stuff...sry mike...


all i can say is you need the

"ai nodes" and "ai volumes" to makes them do stuff...


"add child model" in the cia human "properties"

will let the modle use another modle animation...

like makeing bruno act like a mime,and stuff


Agent224 knows about AI give him a shout


by the way there is no "quick explanation"

for anything in Dedit :P

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Well that the ai needs AIVolumes and AINodes i know lool :P

anyway who's Agent224? i remember i first met the guy in nolf2 2 weeks ago i think..

and lol watch the map.. do you think its good for a starter?? :S xD im not planning to make it online.. here's some screens...

also i would ask you something Stg Pepper :) may i use your sounds of the changed update you done? (i mean the kitty sounds and some weapons sound) im going to try change some nolf2 sounds to funny ones.. (at least try )so tell me if i can use :)






(There's links for images, feel free to watch lol :P)


and well if Agent224 can help me doing AI's Animations it would be very thankfull, but i dunno how to contact the guy xD


Have a nice day!



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looks great!


you should think about making a dd map out of it too,


ya sure use whatever sounds you want


all my stuff is free you know... :)


you can send a PM to agent224 (Rus) here at unity


and heres and old funny sound for rocket i had in a little mod while back


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Thanks ! :) ill keep that in mind.. "making a doomsday map :)"

so well ill go contact Agent224 =)




i cant contact the guy Agent224 when i try sending pm it say's the member cannot receive any menssages

Edited by Mike
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