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LivesForeverPlus Coop


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Okay so I don't know if this has been discussed before, or if this is the right place, or what, but...


First of all, being able to play the coop missions is fantastic, and it's exactly what I missed about the original game. I bought it mostly for the coop play! Most of the LivesForeverPlus maps work alright, namely in Japan and India, the trailer park, and the first super soldier one in the base, but not all is well.


I noticed earlier when I loaded a mission in multiplayer without a friend, everything worked just fine, like I was playing it singleplayer, but the minute my friend came in, the cutscene wouldn't play properly. So here are my issues:


-The Director's Intercom / Phone

Whenever he talks to his mother in the cutscene, the movie gets stuck and practically stops, forcing me to skip.


-Cutscenes involving Cate's plane trips don't play properly

With another player in the game, they just don't play. Playing singleplayer reminded me they even exist.


-Russian Missions Freeze Character and/or Cause Mouse Problems

When a mission starts, I frequently have to be stunned before my character snaps out of its frozen animation, and at others my mouse doesn't move the camera (snaps harshly in 45 degree



-Russian Missions with Missing Status Bars

Sometimes in the Russian missions, the armor and health bars are little nondescript manhandled cubes?


-Crashes On the Singleplayer Unity Mime Mission


I think that's it. The UNITY mission is as far as we've gotten, since it now crashes at that point, which is a bummer. Otherwise, everything works, and it's been a joy to share this game with my friend who had never played it before (plus it's nice to be playing with someone who shoots straight and takes care of business while I'm hugging the floor for the fourth time!), but obviously the experience has some holes. Are these problems something I've done wrong, or anything that can be fixed in the mod somehow? I was overjoyed to find out this was possible, and even more so to discover there's a save/load system in the game. It works so well at times it's almost as though Monolith had this planned out from the beginning, but never actually got around to making it a reality.


Edit: I forgot one.


-Cate is Invisible During the First UNITY Cutscene

Being briefed by Lawrie and Barnes and the short general guy, you can hear Cate, but she's not there.

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I host from inside the game, but I have the NOLF2_ExeMods_1.0 installed.


Edit: Well I was hoping I was doing something wrong. I read in another thread that the entire campaign had been completed in coop, which implies there aren't any game-stoppers like that, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

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We are running the LiveForever mod one the UHQ Co-Op server presently. You can download it from the downloads section.

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