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If there was another character instead of Cate, would you be fascinated again?


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For example, if there was a male character instead of Cate Archer,  would you be fascinated again ? 

I'm curious about if our biggest reason to love this game is "Cate" or something else... 

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The whole love affair Ive always had with the Nolf series particularly  Nolf 1 was the humor and a attraction to the Cate character. She was not only battling the bad guys but was fighting for respect in a all male  world in the  1960's and I guess  in a cartoon sense she was attractive. With all things going on she was vulnerable as well as tough as nails, just a great story line to build on. Sorry to say it, but Contract Jack didn't have that great complex story line, it was more of a arcade shooter and was very forgettable unlike the Nolf 1 and 2. In  Contract Jack they tried to be funny but Jack was borring, no character and dull so nobody found it that funny cause nobody gave 2 $%#@& about Jack. But in Nolf 1 and 2 EVERYONE  loved Cate. So to anwser your question NanoTech the male/ female thing was part of it but its all in the story for me!


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I say that Cate Archer is still the best, ever! :D So if it were to have a male character for these cases (except maybe Contract J.A.C.K.), then I wouldn't be fascinated, but at times I make exceptions, don't know for sure though on that one...

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