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Story of Melody

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I've been listening to some songs from Story of Melody Nelson by Serge Gainsbourg, and since I don't have the whole thing and not in the right sequence and my French is only so-so, I was wondering if one of our French friends would happen to know what exactly the story is?

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Track 1- The sides of the Rolls Royce were nearly touching the pylons when I got lost in a dangerous and isolated place. There, on the radiator of my 1910 Silver Ghost, the silver Venus stands like a scout. While the radio screams, covering the silence of the engine, she stares at the horizon, ignoring the pavement. Small streets, culs-de-sacs, no-parking areas, she remains indifferent and keeps control of my 26HP. Princess of the darkness, doomed archangel, modern-style amazon called "Spirit of Ecstasy" by her creator. This is how, while driving slowly, I lost control of the Rolls. The car derived and there was a violent crash. "Merde!" I saw the wheel of a bycicle, still spinning before the car. And something like a fragile doll, wearing a skirt on white trousers. What's your name? (Melody.) Melody who? (Melody Nelson.) Melody Nelson had natural red hair.


Track 2 - This is the story of Melody Nelson. No-one but me ever took Melody in his arms. It might sound strange, but it is true. She had love, much love to share, but her days were to end soon, 14 autumns and 15 summers. Small animal, she was adorable and looked a bit like a boy, delicious child I knew for just a short moment. Melody, charming stupid girl, you were the condition of my sanity.


Track 3 - The sun is rare and so is happiness. Love loses its way as life goes on. Everything moves along with Melody; the high walls of the labyrinth open on infinity.


Track 4 - Melody, I did so many stupid things because of you. You don't know what love is, as you told me, but is it true? If you lied to me, I don't know what I will do to you.


Track 5 - On street Whatever, number 56,7,8, something, if you knock once first, then three more times, you may come in, sometimes even if you are not alone. Follow a silent servant through stairs and endless corridors, with baroque Aphrodites and golden angels. If it is vacant, ask for the room 44, they call it the room of Cleopatre. On the corners of the rococo bed are wooden black slaves carrying torches. Between these naked slaves of ebony, silent witnesses of the scene, while the mirror looks at us from above, I slowly take Melody in my arms.


Track 6 - Melody wanted to see the sky of London again. She took a 707, but the auto pilot made a lethal mistake.


Track 7 - I know about the sorcerers who invoque Jets from the jungle of New Guinea. They stare at the sun, counting how much money they will make with the shipment. On the Coral sea, these creatures wait for Viscounts or Comets to fall from the skies. Since their totems have never been able to force any Boeing or DC-4 to land, they dream about hijacks and bird crashes. Naive, armed with sarbacanes, sacrifying to the cult of Cargos, they blow their darts at the blue sky and planes. Where are you, Melody? Does your dislocated body haunt the islands where mermaids roam? Or are you still in the cargo where the alarm went suddenly silent? Have you already touched the corals deep below, where the locals still hope for broken planes? Like them, I have prayed the Cargos of the night, so that they bring my Love back to me. I keep hoping for another disaster that would free you from gravity. What is your name? (Melody.) Melody who? (Melody Nelson.)

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You're welcome, Goo! Yep, I hadn't listened to this album recently, and it surprised me to notice exactly the same thing.


If you need the rest of the album, ask me one of those days... wink.gif


By the way, if you liked Melody, you should try "l'homme à tête de chou". smile.gif

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