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Real Stop-Motion Gets Gamified in Vokabulantis


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Although games that use a stop-motion art style have been attempted before, they're exceptionally rare. Every minuscule detail of animation has to be posed and captured in real life and then somehow ported into an engine that can mesh those movements with player input. Harold Halibut is one such game, set to release in 2019. Today, we got a peek behind the curtain of another such title: Vokabulantis.

Blown away by Frej Bengtsson's game animations for WiredFly's stop-motion game VOKABULANTIS. Making-of here: https://t.co/dB7Cg8Prl1 pic.twitter.com/FL5Se5vZO2

— Jonathan Cooper (@GameAnim) August 14, 2018

Working through the Danish studio WiredFly, Vokabulantis is a puzzle game in which you control two friends that have been thrown into the "World of the Language," an eerie landscape full of imposing towers and deep shadows. A new video shows off the incredibly labor-intensive process of creating the characters, posing them, and then incorporating them into the game's world. 

Vokabulantis will be a PC release, with potential console port later down the line. No release information is available yet. 

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