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Next Gen Consoles

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I'm curious to know what you all think about the next generation of consoles since they've just been announced. Do y'all even care?


XBox 360

Playstation 3

Nintendo Revolution


It's still a bit early. I haven't even seen a pic of the Revolution's controller, and there isn't much info on games just yet. However, watching some of the XBox info videos it looks like Microsoft is going to nail the online component of gaming (except for the UnityHQ forum of course). I like my PS2 very much, but assuming the XBox 360 is $300 or less at launch I think I'll be snapping one up. cool.gif Plus the PS3 boomerang controller looks just silly. rolleyes.gif


Your thoughts?

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Thus far, it appears that Playstation 3 is exceeding the hype surrounding it. The Cell processor and the Nvidia gpu are pretty amazing pieces of hardware. The PS3 will also utilize Blu-ray technology. Since the PS3 is compatible with 1080P, I'm guessing that the unit will have no problem playing High Definition movies that will soon be released. The PS3 is also backwards compatible with older Playstation games, which is always welcome. http://reviews.cnet.com/Sony_PlayStation_3...-2.html?tag=top

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well my thoughts on consoles...


- i'll watch my movies on my home cinema set..

- i'll play my games on my computer, wich is alot more usefull(for other things then gaming)

- i don't think its worth my money, extra internetconnection for the dang xbox, new console evry 2 years and they won't release anything for the old ones when the new are out so ur forced to buy a new one if u wanna continue playing.

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I like having an Xbox around when I can't play on the PC (gotta share it). Also, system requirements stuff doesn't really apply to Xbox, so I don't have to worry about asking whether it will play ok or not. It saves lots of hardrive space and it's cool to take over to a friend's house to play some Halo1/2.

But media stuff, I really don't care, I rather use PC or DVD player to watch movies, or play music.


For a future console, I don't know which to get, Xbox360 or PS3 (yeah that controller is...lol), but I will probably stick to Xbox360 because of the games (Halo3, Final Fantasy).

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I'm a Nintendo boy and always have been. So it'll be the Revolution for me. Here are my thoughts:


The PS3 will be the most popular. Not because of any features, better games etc. It will simply be more popular because of it's reputation and the marketing it will get. I've never thought the PS2 was better than the rest as far as games go. In fact Both Xbox and the GC had some superb games that were exclusive to them. What did the PS2 have? Something like Banjo-Kazooie or Crash Bandicoot more than likely...


The Xbox's internet multiplayer will be the best. I've used Xbox live and it really does kick some serious 'donkey'. The voice chat thing is tied in really well. They will just build on this and keep their lead in this field.


The Revlolution. Well this is going to be a hard one to call. Nintendo do seem to have learn from some of their mistakes - the console will play DVD's for example. There are also a lot of nice features like built in wi-fi and the different choice of console colours will attract a fair few people. That said, although Nintendo's consoles are normally great for gaming - they always seem to mess up on something. At the moment they are being very quiet about the console. So it looks like they are going to probably release last and not even going to bother to drum up some interest. That's not the way to act when you are the underdogs!


Does anyone know how many of these consoles will be backwards-compatible (can play games from their predecessors)? I know the Revolution will be (Great! Means I still get to play my Zelda games). I heard the Xbox was doing it but were running into problems. Not heard anything about the PS3.


Also about this tactic of flogging your consoles specifications to gain popularity. Really the specs don't mean much. It's all about if the game developers use all this power to it's full potential.

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i dunno...XBOX has me under fan for life...just from XBOX 1...even though the PS3 is gonna be way better...


i think its funny how Xbox 360 got its name though tongue.gif

the story is...(true story)


it was called Xbox 2 but then they thought about it...and they didnt wanna be inferior to PS3...because 3 is further than 2...so they changed name to 360 to make it seem a lil better tongue.gif


i dunno...im happy with any console as long as i dont have to go out and buy memory cars...and if they make Madden look kickass...more power to them wink.gif

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I personally am looking forward to Wii. Im especially glad that Nintendo is focusing on gaming rather than graphics. Playing Metroid could be really fun with a gyro controller.

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