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One change to the game that might make some things better

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I started playing AA at release we had some really good times for quite a while. There is one part of the game that upset many people and that is the ability to purple or kill your own faction members.

While the gankers will flock to this thread and say otherwise, they are still here while many many thousands are not.

This is a game of East vs West and now East and or West vs Player nations. It is hard enough to get faction unity and confidence and most everyone working for the same goals when you have a handful of people that would rather ruin other peoples fun. Ganker game for the most part will only keep populations of other gankers.

The castle rush at the start of the game was crazy fun, where East vs West battles were epic, save for the terrible slide shows, but it was a fight for the ages and then a fight to keep those castles.

The game needs to focus on getting each faction working to common goals not having to worry about which of the people on my side is going to steal my stuff. That is only fun for one side for the most part.

I don't believe the devs or producers of games understand just how quickly people get turned off by this. They join a side to be part of a side and not have to fight within. They want to help that side win or be prosperous. I should feel safe around my faction members.

There really are no penalties for being a same faction ganker. There is no deterrent and only one side gains something. Even if the gankee wins, he/she lost time that could been doing something else and they receive no other award for defending their stuff, while if the ganker wins he gets the spoils and nothing more.

Most people have limited gaming time and want to be rewarded for their efforts. The game needs to change to one of rewards instead of punishment. Facebook and all the social media sites succeed by the anticipation of hearing the ding that someone liked your post or a comment or a text, so much so that people can't stop. This game along with many others need to learn from this and stop fighting normal human nature.

Along those lines was the ability for each side to get land on the other continents, most of the time right in the middle of the enemy. The game allows for multiple accounts on either faction. This essentially games the game. If the East have a territory on the West Continent it should be fought over, with the winner gaining all the land, red players should not be allowed entry or to do anything. This was only done to satisfy the land demands of the side that had more players, in my case the West having a 3 to 1 numbers advantage or more, which Trino would never admit to. KR missed the boat by not having meaningful PVP or RVR, fighting over entire sections of the continents instead of castle areas.

There are parts of this game I really miss, as I quit playing long ago. Very few new games look to be any good. I doubt anything will change.

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