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Gold Crate System on EU

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already mentioned this issue before, but no comment from Trion yet.
will try to explain again...

*Gold crates drop only Superior lunarites
with current prices on AH, 1 gold crate can give 40-450g

*Kraken/RD drop crates at 100% chance, shadowrifts main boss+2mini bosses at ~10% chance.

Situation in general on EU is that you see 20-30 alt raid at Kraken and RD
hanging on the side, ready to loot up to 12k gold worth of crates as boss dies.

Same in shadowrifts, you see 40man raids, 30 alts 10 real players.

i really don't see how "Altage" is healthy for the game and supposed to attract any new players.

Shadow rifts were somewhat decent when introduced
it offered roughly 600g per rift, you could solo/duo if geared enough
and usually people would port to contest, so decent amount of small scale action.

can be observed in the video bellow

it was introduced as "Activity for small groups", wasn't perfect , but worked fine.
if someone came to "Zerg" they would end up spliting 30g each.

BUT within 3 weeks, they reworked it completely.

**Not only that it's heavly RNG based now
like RNG drove many players away, they went away from RNG crafted gear
if anyone remmber's the time you had to unseal gear and get the right type to keep crafting.

you can scout, bring alts, kill/contest 5-6 rifts in a row
and not get a single drop.
like you play for a hour, then you look back and like "did i have just waste 60minutes for nothing?"
thats type of stuff just feels "unfun" and drives people away.

**Second issue, is since every player in the raid gets a drop
just mass invite everyone who is online---> make a second raid for alts
nuke boss in 10-15seconds
at this point 1/3rd of the loot already gone, even if people do port to contest
the other mini bosses drop in 7seconds.

what happened to "small group activity"?

you keep seeing constant alt abuse, 3+ alts per every shadowrift spot, watching boss area in case it spawns...
(not talking about many other issues with alts , just focusing on the rifts atm)

once Gold crates do drop, you observe 30+ alt accounts rushing to loot and multiply the income

This clearly can't be healthy for the game, stuff that work for KR don't work for EU/NA

idk if developers even notice, but they are making game unfun with such changes
and very alt abusive.

i do have a list of other 15 main issues, which i consider game breaking, but one at a time...

would like to finally see a comment from Trion staff, after 40+ days of silence.

KR/RU don't allow multiply clients.
policy on NA/EU doesn't really increase any patron sales.

people use free accounts 5+ logged at a time to generate "free labor" with out any payments to trion
people use lv1 chars to scout/camp various stuff with out any need of patron.
if there was atleast AFK kick timer or something, but nothing is being done.

imagine trying to introduce the game to a friend
showing him 30 alt accounts at shadowrifts
explaining how its important to run 10 clients and how fun are 7sec bosses and free loot due to alt abuse.
your friends will be like " fk no"
"dude, are you playing this?"

Start making a FUN game, or archeage is beyond saving.

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