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Out of memory

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When I add the mappack "No One Lives Forever MP Super Map Pack Final" from the download section in the customized window and I start the game, I get a message "out of memory" and the game doesn't start. Does anyone have the same problem? How can I solve this? With the other available mappacks it worked perfectly.

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What version of Windows are you using?


How many other rez files do you have loaded?


Thanks for your fast reply!


I use Windows 7 x64. I was able to load simultaneously Mappack001, Mappack002 and Goty Mappack from the download section. Loading Super Map Pack Final too resulted in the out of memory error.


I had to enter the updates to 1.004 in the command line as described in my post (post link). But I don't think that the problem is there, because when I tried it on an other (older) computer, but with Window 7 x86, I didn't have to enter the updates like this, and it didn't work either.

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Follow these steps to make sure the custom maps are installed correctly:





1. Create a new folder named "custom" in your No One Lives Forever directory

(i.e. C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever\custom).


2. After you download the Zip file open it and extract it to (or place it in) your custom folder (C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever\custom).


3. Launch NOLF. Click 'Advanced' then click 'Customize'. There are two windows, the left side shows the rez maps in your custom folder. The right side shows maps you had loaded and ready to play. To load a map highlight it and click 'Add'. You can only run 11 maps at a time.


4. Check 'Always load these rez files' so you don't have to do this each time.


5. Click 'Ok', 'Ok' and 'launch'. From the in game menu click on 'Multiplayer' then 'Host' then 'Levels'. You should see the new levels listed.

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Can you post a screenshot of the error and post the detailed steps of how you are adding the mappack as I've been unable to reproduce the issue you are having.

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