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Conviction ***wtb/wtt Epic or Leg T7 Greaves and Sabaton, Epic Hemit's Glare and Epic or Leg Tassets with 4x800 HP Revitalizing Cheers Gems

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After 3+ years of playing in leather, I wish to try out plate, so there are 4 items in the plate world I am looking for and I have 2 leather pieces to trade, if that would be preferable to gold.

Epic or Legendary T7 Obsidian Greaves (plate armor)
Epic or Legendary T7 Obsidian Sabatons (plate armor)
^can also trade for the epic T7 boots and jerkin I have

Epic Hermit's Glare (this is the plate head piece from Leviathan)

Epic or Legendary Belt with 4x800 HP Revitalizing Cheers gems in it. This piece is almost only about the gems, so as long as it is Epic or higher and a plate waist piece, I don't care much if it's Epherium, Delphinad, Ayanad, etc

That was all. I play East faction on Conviction under the name Apex. Please send me a private message here on the forum if you are selling or want to trade one of the 4 items I am looking for.

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