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Ok, Something has Changed with the Hiram Drop Rate

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When Awakened Hiram first came out the three quest zones; Reedwind, Sungold, Exeloch roughly had the same drop rate from the Enraged mobs. I'm finding that this has been changed.

Tonight I had just 23% loot drop increase. In Sungold I would just get a drop (any drop) roughly every 5 mobs. During War for Reedwind with the same % I was getting a drop (any drop) almost every mob, sometimes even 2 drops of coin purse with honor, scroll or infusion. It's been completely changed!

I'll admit that I stopped going to Reedwind after Awakening what I needed and just focused on mob density, which Sungold has along parts of the coast. So I can't quite pin point when the changed happened. I'm suspecting that it is in preparation of Reedwind being released to the FS servers.

I would ask others to try Reedwind during war time to confirm. If true, it's a huge change.

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