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Ayanad Earring Questline Bug

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Hello Everyone,
I'm stucked on the quest of the Celestial Ayanad Earring at an early point, that is called "Freeing Slevin"
basically i needed to combine my blue earring and some materials to get a quest item earring called Awakening Earring, which i needed to use that on an NPC (Slevin idd).
The problem is that the NPC is on the secret room on the floor 1 A6 and i can't get into that room w/o the earring and possibly the previous one, indeed even if i have the quest item "Awakening Earring" equipped i can't get into that room and so i can't get the quest done to proceed.
Here im gonna post a screenshot connected to the problem to make everything more easy to explain.
Even other people had this bug and still doesn't have a solution for that.

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