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How I got to 5k Gearscores without patron (9 months)

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ArcheAge is a game full of depth and excitement, there is so much to do and so much to see. Although, as a new player you'll find yourself confused and after getting to the max level, you'll realized that getting gear in ArcheAge is not as easy as it looks. Below are the tips of how i got to 5k Gearscores without patron.

1. Prioritizes leveling from 1-55 as your main objective, as contents will open up to you at high level.
2. Join a guild ASAP, it'll be a big help.
3. Participate in all sort of events for honor, merit badge, and gilda.
4. Leaves your pc on for the labor regen, you'll need it.
5. Once you get enough labor, start doing trade runs. You can lookup for more info on various sites.
6. When you have enough gold from doing those runs, get yourself a farm cart to be able to do runs more efficiently or get yourself a clipper for continental run.
7. If you ran out of labors, recharge some credits and buy yourself a labor pot.
8. Buy the Daily Credit Pack from the store. (You can get a key on your third purchase)
9. Starts selling your credits by typing "WTS credits PM me CHEAP" in faction or trade chat.
10. Buy gears.

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