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Communication wasn't the greatest prior to the staffing changes, but it was steady, even if it fractured and hostile.

The staffing changes happened, and we got a post about the future, and that was it.

Now I cannot make demands, nor do I realistically expect answers to the following, but you got to at least try.

- Celestrata, Muzzy, and Quillidon did comment from time to time on forums, did answer questions, did indicated that feedback was being collected, bugs being reported. Who is doing that now? I guess Brasse is more CR knowledge, I assume Merv is too busy to be this granular. So who is reporting our bugs and stuff now?

- Who and how many people are actually supporting ArcheAge at Trion now? I don't mean server admins or security gurus or ticket answerers. I mean people that are taking the code from XL, translating, testing, bug check, and reporting. What are their names/handles, what is their responsibilities?

- At what point do you say, enough is enough with these minute changes to the game for our region and just get the base XL game, minus the legal stuff requirements. Maybe at a certain point, we could spend less time trying to fix all these one-off bugs for our region or making the changes in the first place and work on content

- People are and have been leaving the game, its in a depressing downward trend, just bite the bullet and merge all of the legacies, yes people will quit, but maybe it will do two things, people who cannot transfer because of the work involved/finances will be given a mechanism (quick build certs etc) will stick around because of new challenges and also wouldnt it free up some funds for a community team/marketing.

- Barring an unexpected physical or financial occurrence, what assurances can you give me my account will be accessible and playable on trion servers in 3 months, 6 months or a year? Trion reputation is not very good at this point, but you are all I have to enjoy AA, but recent changes and sudden vacuum of communication has left me and a lot of my fellow co-players who enjoy the game, very nervous, despite the post on 7/22

- Is our CM going to be replaced with someone who can dedicate time to the community and answer our questions? I see nothing on careers page @ Trion worlds ☹

- There was a post the other day about double days. Please take notice of this. The game is hard enough already in certain aspects for anyone who is unwilling to spend 1000s of dollars or invest 40 hours a week in the game, the population is dripping away. Due to the changes and limitations placed upon this region, it is now more of a grind than the KR version. It has been said NUMEROUS times that you have control over these types of events. Just do it every weekend, double XP/honor/drop/vocation. More people playing = more happiness for the client and the provider! Just turn it on for everyone, every weekend, no one is excluded, no one is left out, everyone experiences that same progression, but its a progression thats less of a fck this sucks at every turn we take.

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