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What is left to do in the game?

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Not looking for a complaint thread(although it may look like that when I start listing everything I don't do anymore), I do enough of that while playing the game and reading this forum, but I'd be interested to know what people still enjoy doing in the game.

I can only muster the energy to make 100-200g a day and with crafting now requiring charcoal for like 90% of the recipe, I can't do crafting anymore.

TR are out of the question because of the sheer number of mats required to make packs now and the time limit forces you to commit to the run, can't stop and help someone or smell the flowers(I used to stop in the middle of TR all the time to do stuff like gilda side quests, harvest rare plants, kill a WB) so this isn't something I'm willing to do anymore.

Farming basically has no point left to it since I have no use for the mats anymore now that crafting and TR are dead to me and with the initial cost of the seeds, you barely make any profit unless you have a huge operation which I have no interest in doing since it would become too much work, I only enjoy the occasional farming/gathering and now even only farming my own pack material has become too much.

Larceny now brings so little reward to it that it's more of a chore than something enjoyable for me. I do it occasionally still but mostly out of obligation than when I feels like killing stuff for fun like I used to.

Our faction has so little people left that pvp is hardly ever enjoyable since unless we have something close to even numbers, we don't even have the time to fight and we're all dead. We get obliterated regardless but with even numbers, at least we can fight for a bit which makes it fun but since getting 10 people in a raid is as rare as a day with nobody complaining in chat, it's basically never the case.

I used to enjoy doing every dungeons with a variety of alts to spice things up. Some weak, some strong, sometimes solo, sometimes in a party. But with the removal of 3 of the normal dungeons, the player XP(to help new people level up) and pet growthstones, and more recently, the abyssal crystals, there's not many reason left to do most of them.
I do still enjoy mistsong very much with it's degree of difficulty(although getting 4 DPS at the same time to do hard mode is near impossible in our faction now). Serpentis is still ok in low doses, 10 man Dahuta was such a chore to have to wait for all the waves and the reward so not worth it that nobody wants to do it(never even seen the mount drop in all the times I did it with people who needed it for their dream ring quest and that's the only drop that's worthwhile pretty much).
I really wanted to start doing Riesig, even though it's such a pain to spend half an hour to kill the 6 guys to open it, since the dungeon part is kinda fun, but Riesig now has the same regen as all the other conflict zone WB so getting enough people to kill it in less than 30min(because it has a timer) is a feat that I've yet to accomplish so forget about doing this regularly.

Speaking of those conflict boss that spawn rift, the fight is kinda fun when you manage to get people for it(killed one for the first time today with 5 people and it took us over an hour to do), but since there's a broadcast after you kill it, we can't do the rift part since the player nation comes to kill us before we have a chance to so that's not content we can actually do. There was more people from the PN there 1 minute after we killed the boss than we could gather to any event this past month in our faction, excluding the alts.
Same thing for most of the events like DGS, Red Dragon, Anathalon, Glenn and Meina, SOG/Lusca. Even if we had the manpower to do them, they're dominated by PN who prevent anyone else from doing them.

So other than trying to get better gear for whatever reason, what is there actually left to do in the game for a cynical person like myself?
I do mistsong every time I can find people to do it at any difficulty now that easy also drops weapon and the drop rate isn't depressingly low like before. The very occasional other dungeon and... that's about it. The rest is daily chores I don't really want to do so I can upgrade a bit of my stuff and chatting with people.

Is there anything I'm missing that is still enjoyable for a person like myself in the game?

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