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Charcoal - Trade is BROKEN

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So, another weekend of Archeage, and another weekend of NO PACKS at Trade Outlet - zero, none, nil.
No packs to run over seas; no packs to pick-up to run inland for charcoal - NONE.
There are a ton of various types to make cargo - all from different regions - yet no Packs being made.
For the love of all that his holy, Trion/XL - FIX THE DAMN TRADE OUTLETS and Packs so we have a chance to run charcoal. Charcoal prices on NA has risen from 4g to 5.25g since DGS turn-ins now add charcoal where there should have been more charcoal produced and prices should have fallen - not risen. The rise in price is due to the broken trade pack generation at Trade Outlets. Change the formulas please! Make it so 1:1:1 from each type from ANY region will instantly generate a pack.

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