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Hiram Drop Rate

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Its bad... took a 60% droprate from the marketplace and nothing dropped within those 30mn, which actually means the droprate was 0 as 60% of zero = zero.

Fix this droprate please, you dont want ppl to run away AGAIN.. because sometimes nothing will drop for hours..

also tell that +60% droprate is +60% on an actual 0.0000001% droprate.. which boosts nothing..

So people who came to farm Hiram to hopefully and finally contest a nation or guild.. this is gonna take months before you can finally PvP..
Why not put up a good droprate and let ppl get some gear to PvP?..... finally!..... Save your servers!... my god.

And after each maintenance the droprate seems to get worse.. didnt even get one drop in an hour with +60%.. you should actually refund me.

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