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For what it�s worth.. 2 Copper

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I feel as tho The Gods have abandoned us.
Or, at the very least, taken their accumulated vacation time, all together. o.O

The reality is, much, more, bleak.
AA has turned into a Solo Grind, or, Be Ground Nightmare.

No one Raids up anymore, for fear of Alts and Spies. Freebies for no participation.
You need an Accountant, a Statistician, an Immigration Enforcement Officer, and an Intelligence Specialist, just to run a CR/GR o.O

There are some Diehards still here pushing back, but, when the dust settles and the the seas fall silent, there truly is no hope of catching up.

When the low geard fight back, and pull an RNG win out of a Hat, Allied or not, the fire is re-ignited, even if only for a short time.

Leaving cause youre bored, is one thing, but leaving cause you gave up is why things will fail, wherever you end up.

Something to keep in mind:
This is my game. My time/money is spent doing things I enjoy.
This is your game. Your time/money should be spent doing things you enjoy.
When Our Game becomes a Full Time Job, that is not enjoyable, and The Gods turn their backs and walk away, its time to play Hard Ball.

Heres where it gets messy.

Were all playing the same Game Title, but, on different fields in different States, on different Continents, in different Languages.
The very second, you think were all the same, with the same goals, the same play styles, and the same In your face do, or, die attitude, is when Peter gets hit over the Head, with his own Pan.

AA was Fun.
Something got broke...
AA was Enjoyable.
A job is not a Game...
AA was the Place to Be.
Sad to see you go...

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