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Aria hard solo.

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Aria hard solo as a confessor, i got only ss, not recording my gameplay but movie would be boring to watch anyway cus i literally stand in one point.

How to:
get 100% absorb dmg so u can ignore mobs/aria attacks.
use flame fervent healing/resurgence cus damage from squares goes through absorb.
get as much damage boosts as u can so u can break through 10min enrage timer - 6kk hp thats 10k dps.

My buffed stats during these attempts: 1650 healing power, 48,8% healing, 234% crit healing, 100% crit healing rate, 39,9% received healing, 15-16% base absorb, 40% cast time(45,5% w/o prayer, got -20% from event buffs), 262 attack speed.

Secret gift
Vaughn's soothing tonic
greenman candy
combat boost scroll
blessed rune valau/zena 5%+
jujube juice
zeal grimoire
assorted ribs
+10% received healing from campfire

I can't use honor pots with combat boost scroll, titles and jujube sparkling wine not working here cus there is no PVE healing damage sadly.

It's pretty simple, stand there, do not move (i'm serious, it's waste of time and u got only 10min to beat it) use hots, fervent on cd and resurgence in between, bless urself cus u r spamming holy bolt most of the time, hots keep u alive when u r cced and aria cc often and for a long time especially under 2kk hp.

If ur freerunner is up spam antithesis, if not holy bolt with antithesis, use skewer on cd, its huge boost to dmg aimed correctly can do up to 100k dmg cus all of the 4 skewers can hit aria.

Don't let ur stack of rhythm goes off unless u run with 100% crit rt.

Tried 8 times, successed only 1 time, other attempts ended up at 100k-300k arias hp left cus of enrage timer, maybe when i get all of the parts of my new set or change weapon ill try again.

good luck if anyone want to try.

and don't forget to take mana pots :P

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