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The lament of a Tank

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Heey everyone

My name is Erinna, and I am a tank. Always have been in almost all games I played. So my journey in ArcheAge started also as a Tank. Since the head start of Dahuta I have been out there experimenting with setups untill I found the set I loved and played now for a very long time, the SkullKnight.

As most players that tried in AA tanking has always been sort of demanding and hard. It required top tier gears to ever survive an engage moment with the enemy raids or tank the burst damage of AA's fast hitting 2 hand weapons.

This was true before Defense as a skill tree was basicly ♥♥♥♥♥ of all goodness untill it was completely destroyed by the skill called Dissonance. A skill that denies a tank the use of his shield, removed all buffs related to the shield even when it explicitly sais it can't be removed or stolen, is over powered.

It makes me sad AA hates tanks. Give us a skill to remove weapons? Ohh wait, we have this but it's an Abyssal locked skill that makes you loose your shield. Sure. Wait? Oh and the opponent needs to Parry it! Sure. Even better. Sounds fair. I am a tank. I choose Defense to survive things. Not to throw away my own shield.

So now I am in Epic cloth with a Physical shield and after spending about 2 years getting this set I am ditching it and going plate Hiram DPS. Goodbye Tanking for now. Thank you again for destroying tanking with one single skill.


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