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I recently had the chance to play four hours of Spider-Man. This extensive play session gave me a better understanding of how this superhero experience is stitched together, as well as how it balances the duality of Peter Parker and his masked alter ego. I have dozens of details to share regarding the open world, combat, and missions, but my time with the game can be distilled into one short message: Be excited. Be very excited.

Earlier this year, I spent roughly a half hour getting to know Insomniac Games' version of Spider-Man for Game Informer's May cover story. This limited hands-on opportunity delivered on the game's proof-of-concept. I walked away from it with a good understanding of the vision for the open-world design, combat complexity, and storytelling ambitions. However, as much as I enjoyed webslinging through New York City's bustling streets, I wondered if that experience would have staying power. I also questioned how much variety would be included in the missions and city activities. Insomniac's boast of this experience being as much about Peter Parker as it is Spider-Man also needed to be seen to be believed. Read more...

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