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Archeum- / Sun-/Moon-/Starpoint collapse on FS

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Few people on Fresh Start EU already wearing 7-8 divine hiram T2 weapons/armor pieces and the majority of people are going for that because hiram gear beats ayanad gear (what we don't even are able to craft in this version).

The result is, that crafting delphinat is not worth for the most people. They stay on Epherium until they get hiram done and some also wait for ayanad.

This causes super low Points and Archeum prices that people aren't willing to produce them any longer.
BUT people need Starlight archeum. SO we got now Sunlight Archeum Crystals for 10-20s/ea and Moonlights for 50-90s but Starlights are 35+ Gold x)

Moonpoints and Sunpoints are also pretty worthless because there is not much regrading left. Also the production of charcoal is low again because people are busy with Hiram and stuff -> produce less cargos/charcs- But thats another topic.

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