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Aranzeb WTS ETERNAL/Legendary mounted shields | Legendary Delph Gale Bow | Divine Eph Gale (PvE) set

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-4% for the eternal shield, asking 18k
-3.6 per legendary shield, asking 4k
Flexible on price for both


Legendary Delphinad Gale Bow is full crit gem, 115% temper, 2% damage frost, 21k or 30 apex
Price is Firm, I will not take less.


Full crystallized divine Epherium Gale leather set, full 37 PvE gems (Ranged attack > resil/tough) asking 15k


Will sell set + bow for 35k or 50 apex

Mail "Tally" on Nui or Tally#9899 on Discord.


No, I will not autograph your mount.
Yes, I am the pirate queen.

Tally for east queen.

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