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Hai, I've done some research on spellsingers and daggerspells but havent been able to find proper detailed ones so far.
Questions I need answered is,
What are the best gear combination (cloth preferably, or plate I guess if its better), I thought of going full wave but the HP loss seems to be too great for it to be worth it. Or is it worth it..?
What ancestral skills/normal skills should I go for if I plan to go full gank pvp (hunt plebs)
And although Daggerspell seems to have more cc, is spellsinger's zeal overrated or is it actually worth the ton of CCs sacrifice..?
Weapons, I currently have the mistsong one (staff), should I go for daggers instead? Whats the difference, I get the dagger gives increased speed but how does that help casts?
And would you recommend going half plate half cloth for the def/magic balance? (With extra cloth so I get the cloth buff instead of plate)
and oh, which class does a better job at ganking?

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