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Thunderwing WTS Mythic/Legendary ITEMS

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WTS or Taking Offers:

Mythic Delphinad Wave Sash ( 4 t3 sunglow gems)
Mythic t7 Gloves
Legendary Erenor Sleeves (Max Mana/Stamina/Int)

Legendary Erenor Scepter (7 fireglow t3 gems)
Mythic t7 Dagger
Mythic Ayanad Wave Bow (8 t3 fireglow gems)
Legendary Ayanad Wave Flute (Crystallized)
Mythic t7 Ayanad life club (Crystallized)

Legendary Ayanad Wave ring (Crystallized)
Legendary Ayanad Wave Necklace (Crystallized)
Legendary Ayanad Wave Earring (Crystallized)
Legendary Erenor Earring (Rcv Dmg/Intel/Agi)
Epic Erenor Ring (Stam/Intel/Attack Speed)
Epic Delphinad Wave Earring (Crystallized)
Epic Delphinad Wave Earring (Crystallized)
Divine Ayanad Wave Earring (Crystallized)

Legendary t7 Hood
Legendary t7 Chest
Legendary t7 Shoes
Legendary t6 Hood (Your mats)
Legendary t6 Gloves (Your mats)
Legendary t6 Pants (Your mats)

7 Hero gems
8 fireglow gems
9 t3 earthglow gems
9 t3 galeglow gems
5 t2 earthglow gems
6 t2 galeglow gems

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