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Basic questions for upcoming producer's letter

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Dear Trion crew,

let me start by saying that your continued efforts to produce ArcheAge in these rough times are appreciated by the remaining community. However, some of us are concerned about the future of the game, more than we have ever been before. I would therefore like to ask you to address some very basic questions about the future in your upcoming producer's letter; and please, be frank with us -- we can handle the truth ;)

1. What will be the fate of legacy servers?

Legacy is in a very bad state. The fact that many of the recent and upcoming changes by XL could work well on progression servers, but make limited sense on legacy, suggests that the progression servers are now the center of attention for development, and will be the future of the game.
You claim you are not considering merges, even though the servers are obviously in serious trouble. Are you perhaps planning something even more drastic, like a legacy shutdown? Please tell us what will happen to legacy servers in the next months/2019. We need to know.

2. What will be the fate of the current FS progression servers?

You sure are bringing those two up to speed pretty fast. There's already serious inflation on those servers, APEX are around 1000g, something that took 3 years on legacy, opposed to 3 months. Are you planning to maintain Ezi and Nui like this, or will they end up in the legacy pool sooner than any FS servers before?

3. Are you considering additional FS progression servers in the near future?

Just asking, because, well, Ezi and Nui don't look quite so fresh anymore (see above).

4. Are you considering the release of a subscription/Buy2Play server in the future?

Though a controversial topic, this type of server is something that a lot of people would be interested in. The thought of playing ArcheAge as game that does not require an army of alts to keep up is quite attractive.
Apart from that, the microcosm of the game is changed significantly through Hiram gear, which requires much more time than gold to get, and cannot be sold -- or bought. This is leaving the community without much reason to buy and sell APEX; the result can be seen in the dramatic price increase of APEX on the auction house. For that reason alone, a new approach to monetizing the game might be in order. What are your thoughts on this?

5. If ArcheAge remains free to play... will you guarantee a stable supply of APEX on the auction house? With the changes outlined above, the supply of APEX is steadily drying up. It's a big problem for people who rely on APEX to keep their sub and property, who are now caught between a rock and a hard place: either spend almost all gold they can make on APEX and forget about progress, or be constantly at risk of losing their sub. It's not a fun experience. What will you do to remedy this situation?

6. The perils of AltAge

APEX and subscriptions aside, there is still the possibility to create an unlimited number of free accounts, leave them logged in for labor, and use them to generate a variety of currencies. This is not profitable for you, and has a very unfortunate effect on the game's economy and the value of said currencies, leaving all players who don't enjoy that kind of "playstyle" at a permanent disadvantage. What are your thoughts on this? Shouldn't AltAge die so that ArcheAge can live?

It would be truly fantastic if you could take the time and answer these questions in your letter. A clear outline for the future of the game, and perhaps even some solutions to it's basic problems, would certainly put the community at ease.

Some personal context for this post: I started ArcheAge in December 2014, and enjoyed it immensely for about 3 years. Burnout and dissatisfaction with changes to so many systems caused me to take a break for the last 8 months. But guess what, the joke's on me: there really isn't anything on the market that compares to AA, or at least to what it once was.
I would like to come back, but to where exactly? I still have chars and property on legacy that I love very much, but the future for legacy does not look promising -- when my stuff goes up in merger-smoke once again, I don't have much reason to be there. The new progression servers don't look convincing to me, mostly because they are so close to legacy (and all it's problems) already. So now what? What about players like me who would like to come back? What about potential new players who are aware of the game's troubles? Where should we place our bets?

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