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With population being so low
some arenas don't start at all, unless people force them with alts in queue.
Naval arena/Free for All arena , even 3v3s are super hard to get to pop
1v1s do start but very rarely, alot of alts in the ranking aswell.
(its against the rules to swap on your alts, but GMs aren't checking theose stuff so its getting abused)

Anyway 2 easy solutions would be:

*Limiting arenas to specific time
glad 1v1 to 18:00-21:00 GMT, just an example

everyone who wants to practicipate will be able to queue at the same time
faurstrated players which been constantly getting the same overgeared guy in arena over and over
will be matched against various people.

theose who been abusing alts, will find it not so easy to queue against thier alts.

theose who been sitting for hours in queue with out a pop up and raging at the screen,
will queue at said times and get matched.

*Adjusting arena rewards
adding some PVP related rewards to the arena shop
or mabey putting some Permant versions of the arena accessories.

regardless, something needs to be changed in the arena shop to encourge players
to use that game content.

in 5.0 we are supposed to get "Arranged Team option" for arena and
few days ago, they announced a 10v10 arena ( a remake of the old 5v5)
though, unsure how it supposed to start, if we don't even get 1v1s starting.

if nothing is changed, might aswell just close the arenas completely
barely 5% of the player base enter them and its mostly abused by alts,
which is supposed to be against the rules.

few small topics which are also Arena related
*dropback 'bug' which you can't avoid fall dmg starting with recent update.
pretty much heavly favors all the falldmg builds in equalized arena

need like an offical response if its gonna be fixed OR it works as intended
then how koreans expect to ballance the "Sparring arena" (equalized arena)
against the fall dmg builds {bubble>push up, fireball>bubble}

*the recent change to armor buffs, increased also all Sparring sets (by 4.5k hp)
if we assume sparring arena was "equalized before"
it clearly can't be equalized now, when you randomly increase everyone's HP by 4.5k
if mages normaly would have hardtime vs healers on arena for ovious reasons
-magic dmg vs cloth
-arumancy tree which counters magic dmg
-ability to heal with high mana regen
-mage's lack of healing debuff skills, especialy if you are playing with out witchcraft.

Anyway point is if you took 2-hander and played to the maximum you could win
you force a bit HP off and find a timing to nuke the remaining.
however after the new 4.5k HP increase, you just fall short and can't finish the healer

just to put stuff in prespective
2handed healers on equalized arena went from 17k hp to 21.5k
OVER 26% increase in HP
2handed mages lost Staff procs (-10k m.def chance)
and nothing else was changed to compensate the 26% increase

so bottom line,
was it ballanced before? is it ballanced now?
answer is that it probably never was ballanced =P
but mabey about time to adress koreans and try to adjust some stuff...

thanks for reading!

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