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Tinen To The Rescue?

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Hello GM Tinen and any other GM that can help,

Mak here with a request. A nation was formed....A nation was defeated. They have no diplomacy building and no castle. When we asked Quill how long it took for the nation to dissolve he said 2 siege periods or 30 days. Both benchmarks have been met and the game still says PTS Mains pending collapse. Neither google or anyone else knows what other actions are to be taken in order for it to be dissolved completely.

We are asking you to either please get the information to us or see if once again the nation system has bugged out and is not dissolving as it is supposed to.

There have been several people that would like to return to the game, but not as nation players. There seems to be no way for guilds to leave the nation once in it so we'd like to ask you to look into this and if the game is not acting as intended to please fix the problem.

If there are other actions that we should be taking please let us know. There is very limited knowledge about the nation system upon doing a search so you are our last hope.

Come be the hero we know you can be and help out your PTS community. :) Please

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