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Misfortune in Morocco - Scene 2 Glitch


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During the mission Misfortune in Morocco Scene 2 where after having the meet with Bruno at the lobby, two new objectives get updated, namely,


1. Disarm the explosives and,

2. Rescue civilians


I have played this mission a couple of times and protecting civilians (at super spy) was a real tough act as the thugs often killed civilians fast enough before I killed them.

This time I approached differently rather going close enough to the thugs and trigger the action of thugs starting to kill civilians, I purposely fired bullets quite a distance back before approaching them to make the thugs run towards me and stop killing civilians which works like a charm as I run away from them and clean them out at my leisure.


Now here is the glitch, the thugs not only run towards me but also forget??? to plant the bombs except the first bomb near the elevator after meeting Bruno. Since then I completed entire level without disarming any bombs and killing thugs and somehow I cleared the level onto the next scene.


All the remaining bombs were never there to disarm!!...


Is this happened to any one?? If any one just checks this out by trying this stage and reply the outcome will be cool!!!...and I am playing Game of the year edition!!

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