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Where the heck is STM in Expect Flooding????


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Firstly, I am a new member and played NOLF series with amazing gameplay experience since Max Payne.

Okay, have checked help files and few available walkthroughs and tons of search poodles!!...just no ONE has bothered or even have a second thought for giving a good reason whether Spy Training Manual (STM) exists or not, in Expect Flooding????


I just could not find STM and since points (intels) are equally distibuted in both routes (assuming they are!!)..than where the heck is STM in the second route (Expect Flooding)?? <_<


Please any one reply and solve this once for all and even let me know whether it is there/not since this route is quite easy and may be a factor of STM's absence.


Thank You :)

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I have searched the help files. On what perfect way of my tone is that difficult to make people understand???


All'rite, can i ask your help??

Have you sort out finding STM in expect flooding ??.. If not, on heavens sake say NO and let me know!!..lol.. sounds annoying but such replies add volumes to it.


Please give some specifics .



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Read through this and you should have the answer you're seeking ;) *It's from the walkthrough on the UHQ main site.



| Chapter 13: Terror in the Deep |

| The Devil and the deep blue sea |



-----------< Summary >------------------------------------------------------


This path is longer and more difficult than "Expect flooding," below, but

the Spy Training Manual is in plain sight here, and you get to replenish

your health and armor at the beginning.


< From the loading screen >

With the underwater base collapsing around them and a rogue super soldier on

the loose, Cate and Armstrong must work together to escape from this watery



Assuming they can even find a way off the base, they'll still have to

contend with well armed and equally desperate H.A.R.M. personnel fighting

for their own lives.


Total skill points available: 820

Total accumulated skill points: 42310



-----------< Objectives >---------------------------------------------------


Find a way off the underwater base before it implodes


First pick up the security card on the desk before the first ladder. On

the next deck, Armstrong will yell for help; go inside the office and turn

off the computer. You can now go through the doors and up to the next



There are electrical shorts here, so tread carefully. You can crouch

beneath the first set of wires, but then you'll need to go through two

side rooms to get around the second. At the storage room, dive down, head

through the door, and pick up the Spy Training Manual underwater down the

left fork (the hallway). Since the next task requires a lot of time, head

back to the entry and refill your breath first. Now, head to the right

into the oxygen tank room; the way through will be blocked by two heavy

tanks, but they are held in place by a chain that has a lock on it. Weld

the lock off, then go through and up to the next deck.


< Thanks to Yick and Mrobrien99 for the following: >

You can "Turn On" a yellow valve above the two computers in the oxygen

tank room. Doing so will release a stream of bubbles that fills the space

near the ceiling with air. You can use this air to refill your lungs

after welding the lock off.


Head through the door at the top of the central stairs on this deck to

complete this stage.



-----------< Items >--------------------------------------------------------


Section 1


< Armor > Heavy body armor

By starting doors

< Health > First aid kit

By starting doors

<< Underwater Base security card >>

On desk by ladder in outer lab

** Shutting off the security system ** 300 SP

Note in water 20 SP

Floating in middle of lower store room

Spy Training Manual 200 SP

Underwater in dead-end hallway on floor

** Welding open the chain ** 300 SP


Total skill points available this level: 820 SP

Cumulative total: 42310 SP



-----------< Extras >-------------------------------------------------------


The sadist in me made me jump up and down on the trapped guard. Too bad he

didn't say anything else.... ^_^




| Chapter 13: Terror in the Deep |

| Expect flooding |



-----------< Summary >------------------------------------------------------


While this path is easier than the other (above), the lack of a Spy Training

Manual means you miss out on 200 skill points.


Total skill points available: 620

Total accumulated skill points: 42910



-----------< Objectives >---------------------------------------------------


Find a way off the underwater base before it implodes


Armstrong gives you tips from the intercom from time to time. The first

thing you need to do is flood the bilge room. Head down a ladder, then

back to the bilge pump to let water in. Then swim to the opposite side

of the room and up the ladder in the NE corner. In the store room, be

sure to open the cabinet and pick up the screwdriver before moving out.

If the screwdriver isn't in the cabinet, check the desk drawers of the

nearby labs.


When you reach the labs, there will be a Sprinkler Access Panel above the

east desk in the NW lab; open it (with your screwdriver), then turn the

handle inside to start the sprinklers and give you access to the upper

deck. Head through the door at the top of the central stairs to end this




-----------< Items >--------------------------------------------------------


<< Screwdriver >>

Inside cabinet in upper store room, or in a desk drawer

** Turning bilge pump on ** 300 SP

Note on body 20 SP

On body of one of the guards

** Turning sprinklers off ** 300 SP


Total skill points available this level: 620 SP

Cumulative total: 42110 SP

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Great!..that must have been easy or just a NO would be?

Well, thanks for the efforts, nevertheless, question still there, which no one has ever found out an answer!!..<_<


c ya ;)


It's been quite awhile since I played through the single player and I never found a Spy Manual on that level.

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It's been quite awhile since I played through the single player and I never found a Spy Manual on that level.


Till now, absence of STM is understood since players are only then tempted to make a choice.

But, when the walkthrough(s) suggested that both routes provide equal skill points, thats what bugs me!!..going by this there has to be in expect flooding - A Spy Training Manual.

I am not much into NOLF2 and reason for those crucial 200 skill points is to attain nearest 50000 to master my super spying skills .. LOL

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I don't remember there being any point requirement for that manual. I always thought it was simply missing along one of the routes. There are points in the game where there are slight inconsitencies like this. Another example is a STM in Siberia, found on the fender of a truck in the road, which gives zero points when you pick it up.

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