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Model Edit Commands


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Hello everyone,

My name is Morgan.


I just registered for this forum and it seems like a pretty

friendly enviroment.


I could not find a section for it but my question is relating Model Edit.

I would like a list of all the Model Edit command strings and what they do please.

I am animating a gun and I want to know all the commands for animations.


Please give me as many as you can.

Thank you,


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From the Contract JACK documentation, Adding and Modifying Weapons


FIRE_KEY - Only valid in prefire, fire and postfire animations.

Lets the weapon know when to fire.


SOUND_KEY (integer)

Tells the weapon to play a sound that is associated with the given number. Valid numbers and their mapping to the sound files in the weapon definition (weapons.txt) are:

1 – ReloadSnd

2 – ReloadSnd2

3 – ReloadSnd3

4 – SelectSnd

5 – DeselectSnd

6 – FireSnd

7 – DryFireSnd

8 – AltFireSnd

9 – SilencedFireSnd

10 – MiscSnd1

11 – MiscSnd2

12 – MiscSnd3

13 – MiscSnd4

14 – MiscSnd5



Tells the weapon to play a buted sound of the given name. (see soundbutes.txt for more info on soundbutes)


LOOP_SOUND_KEY (integer) - Every SMG & AR in NOLF2/CJ uses this to loop a fire sound, it can be used for anything, I used it for the hum sound for my Lightsaber.

Same as SOUND_KEY except the sound will begin to loop. To stop the looping sound use the frame string “LOOP_SOUND_KEY stop”. Usually you want the sound to begin looping during its prefire animation and stop during its postfire animation.


FX (string) - I used this for my Lightsaber beam effect in another game mod.

Play the specifed FxEd created fx.


FIREFX_KEY (string) - This can be used to play a left and right muzzle flash effect on a dual weapon.

Fires the weapon and plays the specified FxEd create FX. Same as doing “FIRE_KEY; FIREFX_KEY (fx name)”


FLASHLIGHT (string) - NOLF2's Keychain light and my Lightsaber use this for the light effect.

Lets the weapon turn the flashlight on and off. Valid strings:




DEFLECT (float)

When a weapon hits this key it specifies the time, in seconds, that this weapon can deflect hits from other weapons that are deflecting.


HIDE_PIECE_KEY (string) - Some NOLF2/CJ weapons like the AK-47 use this to hide the right hand when it's not in view.

Sets the specified piece name invisible.



Sets the specified piece name visible again.



Hides specifed PVAttachFXName# on the weapon


SHOW_PVATTACHFX (integer) - I used this for my Lightsaber's beam effect in my CJ & NOLF2 mods.

Shows the specified PVAttachFXName#.



Hides the specified PlayerViewAttachmentX (set on a per player model basis. See modelbutes.txt for more info)



Shows the specified PlayerViewAttachmentX. (set on a per player model basis. See modelbutes.txt for more info)

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Respect URA :fit:


Welcome to the forums Wireframe.......do ya play any of the NOLF series?

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