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Nolfgirl leech bandwith...

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We'll have the unityHQ download section up soon so no worries specool.gifbiggrin.gif


Not much we can do to help you in regards to NG issues though. You'll have to contact them for those matters.

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Hmmm... some of you might not have heard about what Caballero reported until now, but before anyone starts, please don't post reactions about this "incident" on UnityHQ. It happened a while ago and it's history, now... wink.gif

Anyway, like Elite said, UnityHQ's download section will be up and running pretty soon. So, no mo' problems finding mappacks and stuff like that.


Sorry for sounding a bit "moddy" there while I'm not a mod at all, but it's better to avoid diplomatic incidents than to have to edit or delete posts. Save your mods some time and efforts. biggrin.gif

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Sorry about that, I should've addressed the question.

Everytime I try to download something from The site that shall not be named.com i get the message on a white screen, dont leech my bandwith-Dan!


XBow - As you can see from the link I posted earlier The site that shall not be named/TGF are not doing NOLF2 anymore. They banned most of the NOLF2 people and pulled the NOLF2 downloads, replacing them with a pointer to the image you see now. That's why the downloads there aren't working.


<off topic> I agree with e1 and gen, it's in the past. UHQ-dl will be up and running soon enough. </off topic>


<even more off topic> gotta try to stay more on topic unsure.gif It's just that Hawaiian Ninja Pirates love to let conversations drift. huh.gif </even more off topic>

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