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Any mouse fix?


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Hello UNITY Community!


I've got a problem with mouse movement in the game, it feels really jerky when I move it slowly - like "jumping" from side to side while moving horizontally, and up and down when moving vertically. I've read this problem is common in some of the older Lithtech engines, since I had the same problem in AvP2.

I'm running Windows 7 x64 version with latest drivers and the latest patch. I disabled vsync, mouse smoothing and tried to reduce my mouse DPI as suggested in some other threads (my mouse is a A4Tech X748), but it didn't help me get rid of it. Any suggestions or solutions?

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I think most modern, high dpi mice are too sensitive for older games. When I Nolf, I use an older optical mouse. When I play a newer game, a higher dpi laser mouse works best.


Perhaps try the game without the mouse drivers installed (Win7 default).

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