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So I've played the games numerous times. Love them dearly, but I must admit, I'm mostly about the shooting. I don't tend to search every map top to bottom and generally go guns blazing.


So I was wondering, is there any page where I can check out all the intelligence items, or a cheat to get one hundred percent completion?


That's for either or both games, for some reason I'm pretty intrigued about what went on with that Russian soldier's planned insurection.

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Hi welcome to the forum.


We have a help files section you can check out on the main website. Click the Unity Website link top left of the forum and then the help files link from there.

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I have won the game with all rewards, bonuses and awards following NOLF The Operative - Walkthrough It has complete list of intel items. Since randomized locations the best bet is always keep the focus while playing.


Always be stealthy (use barrette it also kills, judgement is crucial!), stay undetected and maximize headshots in stats - It will pay you guaranteed rewards/awards. Also, try not to reload more than once, it will chew out all your hard work in the end - NO REWARDS & AWARDS.


Lastly, as mentioned in the walkthrough as well, remember to take as much time needed to complete every mission, since I have rushed initially a lot to accomplish better timings and never got rewarded except awarded which doesn't offer much!!..

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