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Issue With Gear Loading at the Beginning of Mission

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I just got NOLF GOTY edition up and working on my Windows 10 PC, which I downloaded from the NOLF Revival cause I wanted to revisit the game after many years. Everything seems to run fine and I'm able to boot up the game and start playing, however, I noticed that my gear does not load when I start a new mission. In the first mission, this wasn't an issue, but I'm now trying to play mission 2, Berlin By Night, and I don't have any of the gadgets, like the lockpick, that I'm supposed to have at the beginning of the level. Has anyone else experienced this issue and is there a way to fix it?


Thank you.

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Not sure about the NOLF version from their site.  Have you tried their support? 

No one has reported any issues like that with our version. 

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