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DD Bollywood


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File Name: DD Bollywood

File Version: 1.0

File Size: 0bytes

Category: Maps

Submitted By: Eliteone

Date Added: Aug 23 2010, 02:17 PM

Date Updated: --

Demo: Not Available



New Bollywood map made by Sgt. Pepper


Full Description:

From Pepper:


do to overwhelming demand... (moonie and 2-3 other peeps)... forced me to make DD BOLLYWOOD "


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Bollywood has been a favorite of mine since I first walked into that map in single-player mode. I work in theatres all the time, and running through one with an AK47, gunning down everyone I see, is . . . fulfilling.

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Mars map is on another place now..

does this mean Bollywood is already on server but we cant find it ?

Nat the Bollywood infected



That is correct sir the Bollywood map is one the server.

Should be part of the rotation.

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Russian Rampage & Siberian Strife...........Please. Did anyone ever like them? :P

YES! :2handed: I love Russia and Siberia, always liked spending my vacation there. Honestly, please lets keep them!

I vote for skipping Wizenthrick and Mars. :rolleyes:


(whyyy, oh whyyyyyyy am I still an "Agent in Training" ???? :mellow: )

Edited by Hugo
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(whyyy, oh whyyyyyyy am I still an "Agent in Training" ???? :mellow: )


The agent in training is based upon the number of posts you've made.


Took care of the benefactor part (been too busy that one slipped by me)



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I'm up for...we let all maps on server...

maybe we like to play this or that now and then...

we can always skip maps we dont like today..

there are enuff admins in game who can skip maps

at last all with {U} tag can skip




Many thanks E1 for uploading UNITYYYYYYYYYYYYY :happy1:

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hey, i dunno why bollywood dont show up on server...

so i did the only thing i can ...

reprocess it and rerez it ...

so i did...get it here




sorry for the inconvenience....

but the 3rd times a charm ...right?

i hope...



I'll try to upload it this evening.

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