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NOLF2 mouse issues, plix help!

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Hello, and thank you ahead of time for any help! I really want to play this classic again. I've installed, updated with the appropriate patch, and everything works well except for the mouse. What happens is when I try to move it from side to side, it's twitchy or catches and doesn't move. Up and down works fine.. :/


I've been googling for about an hour. I've tried using different mice I have laying around, some older. I've tried turning off and on hardware cursor. I've tried tinkering around in my mouse settings in windows. I've tried running the game in different compatibility modes only to have it crash. I've tried turning down the "mouse smoothing" and "sensitivity" options in-game. Sigh.. anyone know of this issue? I would really love to join you all in the nolf2 server, but with this problem I can't aim at anything!


System info:


(my husband upgrades my pc all the time, so I don't know what the insides are, but they're are pretty recent. I can get that info if it will help)

Windows XP

quad core

Under Mouse/Hardware it says: "HID-compliant mouse" Driver version: 5.1.2600.0


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Alright, I seemed to have fixed the problem. For anyone else who had the same issues, what I did was download specific drivers for my mouse (razer), changed USB ports in which is was plugged and fiddled around with the driver settings. So everything works fine in Single Player. However now I have problems joining the server. Sigh :)


I've downloaded all the map packs, installed the LivesForever mod, followed all other instructions, but unfortunately the game either freezes at the loading screen, or crashes if I don't set affinity to one processor in time. I'm still trying to play around with it.. but it doesn't look good :/

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Glad you fixed it ok WhatsHerFace :aktion057: (with no help from us lot! :fans: )


Welcome to Unity and we look forward to you joining us (usually around 17:00 - 19:00 GMT) on the server.


btw.......What is your face? :ninja:

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