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Another map-poll


Maps Maps Maps  

10 members have voted

  1. 1. You can click more than one

    • I vote for the maps listed below..no doubt..thats it
    • Close the server...Nolf sucks...and im banned anyway
    • I don't care bout maps...i want Pizza with alot of cheese
    • What is Nolf?
    • ???

Recommended Posts

- Siberian Strife

- Conflict in Calcutta


- Oceanic Opposition

- Russian Rampage

- Violence in the Villa

- More Violence in the Villa

- Antractic Aggression

- Judgement in Japan

- Another War in Wizentrick

- Brutal in Brusseles

- Mutiny on Mars


- Brave Retreat

- Sunset Showdown


With Secret evil Lair i think we should wait...to much new things not good for old people :lol:


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Yay I voted.....btw....what does Antractic mean?


Is it catching? is it curable?

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lol onyx ^_^


btw... the evil lair is a very cool map :P I've tested it tonight :D


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So if no one speak against we like to play this maps.

If Eliteone have the time to arrange it...




Hey Natter please send me the list everyone wants on the server.



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