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NOLF2 & Windows 7 64 bit


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Trying to get Nolf to work with W7 64 bit. I had no problems with Vista 64. Everything is setup properly. When I start the "join by ip tool", Nolf starts up fine. As I am about to enter the server, the game crashes to the desktop. If I change the compatability settings, I get the "invalid cd key error".


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm on win7 64, i have nolf2.exe & lithtech.exe set to Run as admin + win2k mode, reinstalling it made it work (clean installed the OS, tried to run without fully installing and updating).


When you get CD-key error, nolf is working, but the mod isn't active.

To make sure nolf itself is 100% working, try launching a lan DD game. If that doesn't load, reinstall, re-apply all patches.

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