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Ping probleme

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Hello. I just wanted to ask whether the server is still in U.S. and whether it's already moved or no. So is it or it is not yet?

With my 5000 kb/s internet speed I must easily have just about 140-150 ping. I know it because I had so untill something bad has happened. My ping started increasing by 10 units per 3-4 days. Now I still have over 200! The interesting fact is that I know why is this happened. When I had 150 ping there was a direct connection from me to the server:




But when the big ping started annoying me, I've made a tracert with windows command line and it showed that There's another, let'sa say, facility which the signal goes through.




Microsoft Windows XP [Версия 5.1.2600]
(С) Корпорация Майкрософт, 1985-2001.

C:\Documents and Settings\Agent 224 !!>tracert

Трассировка маршрута к с максимальным числом прыжков 30

  1     7 ms     6 ms     6 ms
  2     5 ms     4 ms     5 ms
  3     4 ms     4 ms     4 ms  pbr-from-core.spark-ryazan.ru []
  4     6 ms     4 ms     4 ms  nat-v3002.spark-ryazan.ru []
  5     9 ms     9 ms     9 ms  mx480-v4080.spark-com.ru []
  6    34 ms    54 ms     9 ms
  7    85 ms     *        *     linx-gw1.peer1.net []
  8   164 ms   163 ms   163 ms  oc48-so-3-1-0.nyc-telx-dis-1.peer1.net [216.187.
  9   171 ms   176 ms   175 ms  oc192.xe-1-0-0.mtl-bvh-cor-1.peer1.net [216.187.
10   161 ms   157 ms   158 ms  10ge.xe-0-0-0.mtl-bvh-cor-2.peer1.net [216.187.1
11   165 ms   165 ms   163 ms  oc48-po5-0.tor-151f-cor-1.peer1.net [216.187.114
12     *      167 ms   166 ms  10ge.xe-0-0-0.tor-1yg-cor-1.peer1.net [216.187.1
13     *      193 ms   186 ms  oc48-po5-0.chi-eqx-dis-1.peer1.net [216.187.114.
14   182 ms   179 ms     *
15   178 ms   179 ms     *
16   179 ms   180 ms   179 ms

Трассировка завершена.

C:\Documents and Settings\Agent 224 !!>


As you see, at the 7th step it has a break. The are on the 7th and upper steps are out of service of my ISP. When the hugh values start, i find an IP of that facilit and it leads me to London.


So the final question: what the хуйня is this and why is this happening? Why don't I have the direct connection and why ONLY I in game?

As I said, steps after 7th are out of service of my ISP, so please, don't ask me to call the customer's service and ask. I had plently of calls, they can do nothing.


I hope I'll get at least anything in the answer. To be honest, I'm annoyed to play with 200+ ping. I can not release my abilities and can't use my tactic.



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The server is in the same place it's always been. If you're having ping problems check with your ISP or check your equipment (router etc)

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You do have some lousy lag issues Agent.


btw, what does хуйня mean.........or shouldn't I ask?

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btw, what does хуйня mean.........or shouldn't I ask?


what the хуйня is this


I think it means something like "what the hell is this"


If you translate it with Google you get:


хуйня = waste, trash, garbage, dreck





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I have no words. I won't check router just because I dont have it, as well as I don't have the modem itself. My ISP can't solve the problem and i have explained already why, do not tell me to go and ask them to do something. As I said, they won't do anything.


Хуйня is something like "really really deep in 'frack'", lol. At least that's what meaning it has here. Sorry for russian pastes, I just can not write bad words here.


The only is left i think is to contact that darn company and have a try to find out what's going on I think.


P.S. I have a PLC connection - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_line_communication

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