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Need help running this game on New Technology


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Ok so, I feel like playing this great game again since I haven't played it since I bought it when it came out. I already went through NOLF1, now I'm on the second game and I've had some major problems getting this game to run correctly. Particularly, the textures like to glitch out randomly after a loading screen, it's normally doors or windows, but some odder instances where the whole skybox of Siberia caves in on itself and looks odd. Here is a video for references, don't mind the slowdown, that's just FRAP's reaction to that texture I would guess:



My specs are:


Intel core 2 duo E6850

Nvidia 9800GTX

8 Gigs of ram


Honestly I should be able to run this game perfectly, other newer and older games (such as NOLF1) are fine. I have tried every video setting in game and on my graphic card settings that I can think of trying to isolate a particular setting that might be causing this, but have had no luck, and I've been looking through countless tech support forums for this game with similar results. This forum is my last hope to play this game again, so any help would be appreciated.

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I forgot to mention, I am running Vista 64 bit.



Does it give you a option in compatibility mode to run it as say Windows XP or 2000 32bit

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Does it give you a option in compatibility mode to run it as say Windows XP or 2000 32bit


It doesn't say 32-bit, but I have tried every compatibility mode I know of in the program properties and it does not seem to fix the problem.

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I have a older game I have to disable the visual themes for Vista to run. Might give that a try also select run as administrator.








# Disable visual themes - this option disables themes on the program you are running. It can help if you notice problems with the menus or buttons on the title bar of the application.

# Disable desktop composition - it turns off display features such as transparency and others. This helps if you notice display problems or slowdowns while dragging the application window on the screen.

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I have this problem too , but just after reload the Savegame  !


I have a GTX950 with installed Driver 397.64 , and tested with a older Driver 385.41  under Win 8.1 non Pro x64 .

I Could fix this problem with DgVoodoo 2.54 , but i want to Use Reshade , and DGVoodoo dlls + Reshade dosnt work or Reshade  dosnt start up.

And only wih Reshade i have no Textures , and the same Error like before , Reshade + ENB d838to9 dll works then , but still the same Error , just DgVoodoo fix this hmm.

I did today Tested with Intel HD Graphics 2500 , Alocated Ram up 1GB , this works 100% with all Reshade also , and the Game did not Crash . just on Quit from Main Menu it Crashed  , so causes the Nvidia Drivers this problem  !!

Q: Which Nvidia Drivers works 100% with Nolf 2 and have no problems with some Siberia Levels  or General problems  ?

What i know from URA he have a AMD RX570 with installed Driver 18.2.2 under Win10 x64 , no problems  and play the Game in 2560x1080 too  !

And because the 21:9 Patch , this Error cause too without also Retail 1.3 and with lowtest Res. and Details.

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