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Windowed Mode Woes


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The game runs fine in fullscreen mode, but there are two glitches I've noticed in windowed mode (using "+windowed 1") that make the game unplayable.


The first is a mouse problem; the mouse input seems "skippy" as if it randomly ignores the input. At first, I thought it was just mouse movement, but it seems to randomly ignore the mouse wheel too. it can take anwhere from 1-5 turns of the wheel to change the weapon once. Mouse aiming is very difficult as a result.


The other problem involves animations and cutscenes. Cutscene segments terminate long before they are supposed to so that there isn't enough time for all of the voiced dialog to play. The animations in cutscenes seem to play at several times their normal speed, and the enemy NPCs move very fast in the game as well. The beginning of Misfortune in Morocco is almost impossible because the snipers run out and aim at super-speed.


So far, I tried using Windows 2000 and 98 compatibility modes, lowering/disabling all of the graphics and mouse settings, and changing processor affinity. None helped.


I also tried starting the game in fullscreen mode with the D3DWindower program that forces windowed mode. It didn't have any of the aforementioned problems, but the game randomly crashed on load screens about 90% of the time.


I'm running Windows XP SP3 with 4 GB of ram (3.25 GB usable), an Intel Core2Duo e8400, and a Radeon HD 4870. I'm using the 1.004 GOTY edition of NOLF.

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