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Hey everyone,


When I launch the JoinByIP (v2) I'm greeted by a healthy listing of 11 servers over the various game modes, yet nearly all of them cough up the following user-friendly message when I attempt to connect:

"ERROR - Unable to join the selected game session"


Soooo.... what's my possible choice of problems?


1) I am attempting to connect to an outdated server listing and/or the server I am trying to reach isn't currently running.

2) I am missing a map being run on the server. (Fairly certain this isn't it as I seem to recall way back in the day being thrown a different error indicating the missing resource - I have the retail packs, the community pack, and a collected pack of my own containing various other maps)

3) I am running an incompatible mod. (Currently only "LivesForever" is active)

4) I am being oblivious and have missed something obvious posted in or around the community.


How is everybody while I'm at it? B)

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Should be a bit easier to manage now. It's not cleaning up servers that are no longer running (or those running the servers don't have the part that tells the database to quit listing them when they shut it down.

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  • 1 month later...

Someone wrote me an email but it got marked as spam and I accidently deleted it...

If the person sees this, please write it again or ask here... thank you :)

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