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Hugo is a cheater?


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DOFF CHRIS accused me of being a "CHEATER" today. (... and others agreed...!)


I am a 42 year old man and have been playing NOLF2 on my Mac since 3 years. A year ago I bought a copy of windows XP (and a Windows-copy of NOLF2) only to keep on playing since the master server was switched off. I don´t know how to cheat. I don´t understand windows. The other day NATTER (thanx man!) helped me place the custom maps file into the correct folder so I could join custom maps...


I am not a cheater. If I knew how to cheat, I wouldn´t do it.


Players like DOFF CHRIS should watch theirs mouths, respectively their fingers. IT MAKES ME ANGRY WHEN I GET ACCUSED! I DON´T HAVE ANY FUN FROM THE GAME WHEN YOU ACCUSE ME, DOFF! OR ANYBODY!


Stop being childish! This is a game, not a war zone! If you´re a child, try to behave with some decency and respect towards the other players!




btw: It IS POSSIBLE to carry 5 rockets without cheating! Just try it!



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Hugo is/was/would never be a cheater...

Accusing people of cheating is vs server rules...just read

If you think someone is cheating contact the admins plz...we will keep an eye on the person

dont shout around on server.




Hugo is right ...the lf-mod allows everyone to take more ammo than before

buts thats the only change....even for all...so its fair...

not as unfair as the skill thingy...




we can try the new mod Neo made...but some have to test it...

i dont know how to open a server so someone should try it...


We happy Nolf is near back to the full-server-time..dont destroy it now with such §$%$§&%$


Amen ;)



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I am a 42 year old man


Well, I guess its cos you're still a youngster that you get picked on (you wait til you get to my age ^^) lol


Actually I'm quite jealous, I've been playing for 6 years..............and no-one has accused me of cheating :blush: I just ain't that good.


Since the revival, the DD games are like they were in the old days, just fun 'n fraggin.


So I say long live the non cheaters in the game........and stop the accusations!


If player A gets accused of cheating, then player B thinks "I'll do it too" and so on..........and it all starts again.......and no-one actually cheated in the first place.

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With the reset fuzz about skills, I thought u tinkered with em. I should learn to keep my mouth shut

Thanx for this reply, Doffy. No offense taken. Let´s have some fun together then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumb:

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Well, I guess its cos you're still a youngster that you get picked on (you wait til you get to my age ^^) lol


So I´m not the oldest one around here?

Looks like: the simpler and funnier the game, the more mature are the players.

Or are we the only ones who understand the true meaning behind the words NO ONE LIVES FOREVER ???



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