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Important announcement! (without guitar)

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Okay people, I've decided to let the NOLF2 add-on site die. No-one came there recently, and it seems that Sonic somehow lost interest in his baby. BAAAAAAD PARENT! laugh.gif


Now, here's THE question : I saved the posts in the which we wrote the storyline, and I started wondering... could it be possible to host this project here, just like (ahem) TGF did with the awesome CJ "Pegasus mod"? We wouldn't need much to go on : A lil' thread to know who maps what, one for the storyline, and one more to share our MSN addresses. Is that possible, Bella - Elite?


Thanks in advance... cool.gif

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This is forum is for all NOLF people and projects so go ahead and start the topic here! I don't suggest reposting everything that you had in your forums, though, just a brief synopsis would be best, and I don't see why it can't all stay in one topic for now. Once you get that topic started I'll delete this one.


Sorry to hear it's fallen by the way side, though. Hopefully people here will be interested in helping. biggrin.gif

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Once missions and chapters take their definitive place in the story they will appear in the missions section. Less important details on that mission will be discussed there.


General plot: at first it seems HARM wants to attack the major superpowers with poison gas, but then it turns out that they can only afford laughing gas.




Cutscene: Cate is on holiday in some exotic location, when suddenly…

Mynah bird: KAW!

Cate: Oh, hello Bruno

Bruno (for it is him): Hello Cate. Sorry to bother you, but there’s a bit of an emergency back at hq.

Cate: You do realize I’m on holiday?

Bruno: Yes, I know…

Short silence

Bruno: Boring, isn’t it?

Cate: Yeah. I’ll be right there.


Chapter One: UNITY headquarters


Cate arrives at hq which is one big mess, lots of HARM agents running around

1.1 Find Bruno

Cutscene: Bruno explains HARM is invading to steal UNITYs brilliant scientists – you have to stop them!

1.2 Try to save scientists (as in coop mission with mimes) – but you miss the last few

1.3 After that, nothing. (Make player think he’s lost the game already). Let Cate wander around the complex until she finds a briefcase with some documents – the text says something about Brussels


Chapter Two: Break-in in Brussels


Free the scientist in Brussels and find out what HARM is up to

2.1 find UNITY contact in Brussels to find out where the HARM safehouse is

2.2 infiltrate HARM safehouse through the water and the sewers populated with HARM agents, traps, cameras, etc. and rescue some scientists

2.3 Guide the scientist through alleys, with Cate on roofs (like mission in Morocco in NOLF 1) - same map as 2.1 but seen from the roofs)


Cutscene: One of the scientist says his abduction was coordinated from somewhere in Japan and there are other scientists being held in Equador (info could be in the form of written documents) – Bruno: alright, Cate – you go to Japan. I’ll see if I can find someone else to go to Equador…


Cutscene: The little airplane flying through the air – conversation with Russian pilot


Chapter Three: a Job in Japan


Minah bird: I'm sorry we can't help you any further, you'll have to improvise - maybe you could try to get some info from Isako?

3.1 Find Isako

Cutscene: Cate visits Isako to ask for her help. They are interrupted by the director and Cate is caught while Isako disappears.

3.2 Play Isako in a katana / shuriken / crossbow mission to rescue Cate.

Once Cate is released, Isako disappears as usual in a cloud of smoke.

3.3 Cate starts with nothing and has to find her way out of there, while also getting some info (turns out to be about Ukraine chapter)


Chapter Four: Escalation in Equador


Just starts with some text: meanwhile, in Equador…

While Cate is in Japan, Magnus Armstrong is sent out to rescue a group of scientists from a secret HARM base in South America. You play Armstrong - at the end he gets caught.


Chapter Five: Valiance in Vegas


Custscene: airplane in the air. Cate’s wondering why they’re not going home. Pilot explains change of plans – we’re going to save Armstrong who is being held in Las Vegas. Obligatory joke about ‘getting lucky’.


5.1 Infiltrate the first casino to get to the roof

5.2 Go over the roofs (by zipcord) to the casino where Armstrong is being held

5.3 Rescue Armstrong (lots of cameras, sneaking, strange goings on in hotel rooms)

5.4 Escape casino


Chapter Six: Sniping on the savanna


6.1 Go from hunting cabin to hunting cabin until you get to the HARM base there

6.2 Infiltrate base and photograph documents


Chapter Seven: Uncurbed in the Ukraine


7.0 get past iron curtain (Czech or Hungarian border or something) to train station

7.1 cause diversion / take out security device or power station

7.2 cross border

7.3 go through town to station

7.4 mission on moving train (landscape on round rotating barrels? or just one long end)

7.5 train ends at little station in middle of nowhere

7.6 go from station to Soviet base

7.7 you run into a passing convoy of trucks - deal with it by hiding, shooting the gas tanks or taking on all the soldiers on the trucks

7.8 take out the bunkers overlooking this route (landscape is hilly, with trees) - you might need to take this route back during escape

7.9 infiltrate military base (lots of sleeping soldiers - either sneak past, or take them on)

7.10 find some documents explaining status of project - says gas is already on space base

7.11 get aboard rocket and launch yourself


Chapter Eight: Struggle in Space


Custscene: space ship arrives at space station


8.1 when Cate tries to enter station overwhelming force of HARM guards awaits (solution: destroy window from outside to suck HARM guards into space)

8.2 some guards come out with space suits - zero grav fight

8.3 infiltrate outer ring space station - get past cameras

8.4 only way in leads through robot bay - big fight with lots of robots

8.5 at self destruct button (because these things always have one for some reason) fight with director - when defeated, he leaves saying he'll get you if it's the last thing he does...

8.6 go to radio to report success - Bruno says director still has formula - go get him!

8.7 your escape pod follows director's pod, try to dock with it

8.8 fight inside pod damages pod - get back to own pod on time



Bruno & Cate at landed pod

Bruno: So what happened to the director?

Cate: I don't know, I lost sight of him somewhere in the troposphere

Bruno: Think he survived?

Cate: I'm sure we'll find out soon enough...

the end

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I think what will speed-up the process is to have someone create a map using pencil and paper- sort of like an architect designs a house. Then have a mapper start construction. Texture artists, level flow designers (made that up- someone who does all the programming ie programmes what a button triggers and what messages pop-up/sounds made etc), and media artists (sounds, music, etc) finish the rest. That, or all the media can be made during map construction or before it so the mapper can select and add.

just throwing out ideas, the reason I never applied to take on a mission map is becuase I wouldn't know where to start and end. I like sonic's idea, but if enough people get in on this, we can create what genesis describes

again, if there's someway I can help- just ask

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I love the idea of plenty of ltc files being available for mappers to use as templates or prefabs, so that would be great! biggrin.gif


I was also wondering: why doesn't anyone make co-op maps? You have less problems with other people not having the maps (you could even play on your own), you can have different, original goals, etc. etc.

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