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Hi, a friend and me found this game again back in March 2017, and since then we have been searching for a way to play online.
If anyone has any information on this, please tell us! We can't seem to find a tutorial for setting up a server anywhere!

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Are you trying to run a LAN server or a public server? 

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6 hours ago, jackolate said:

Which one do you think would be best?
I am in Europe and she is from the Philippines.

You would be setting up a internet server then. 

You will want to reference the serverreadme.txt file located in your root folder. As the master server for the games is offline you will want to grab the GOTY edition from our downloads or the NOLF 1 Multiplayer launcher in our downloads so your server is discoverable. 

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Either you don't have the map running on the server or you're not patched to the latest version. 

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On 6/16/2018 at 10:32 AM, jackolate said:

I downloaded the game from the nolfrevival site, and the main menu says it's on 1.004. Suggestions?

I'm not familiar with their version.  For specific questions about their download you should probably reach out to their support forum. 

If you are trying to connect to our (UHQ) NOLF 1 server then the message would be from custom maps we run there. We have mappacks in our downloads that contain the maps we run on our server. 

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