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nolf 2


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I personally uploaded this file gor all of you to see. sorry you have to download it. anyways the ak has a scope on nolf 2 because of this mod, Weapons-05.

if you want it, go here: http://www.filefront.com/14199065/Weapons-05.exe

It might slightly change your game though.


the Weapons it adds:

Micro Uzi-Gordon

Dual Micro Uzi


p90-mime mg

weird gold revolver

5 lightsabers, 3 electrify, 1 burns, and 1 does some other thing.


Scopes, etc.


Gives Ak scope ;)

gives beretta scope AND silencer in every level


Thats It!

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Well thanks, but I guess we all know the Weapons mod =)

(wich is by far my favourite mod by the way)


Oh and welcome to the forums and to NOLF :) :)

thanks, glad to be here. i have all 3 games, so ill be everywhere. ;)

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