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hehe...i know...i went and played H v U later against good ppl and got whooped...well sorta...i did have second highest score...on my team...i was playin with SlngSht, Septa, and Pax...and a few other ppl...Moth01 and Scia...ya...i got whooped pretty good biggrin.gif


but hey...i guess i found the right server...cuz they REALLY stunk tongue.gif...

it was a good way to get bak to nolf1 though tongue.gif

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ya i know...it still does it too sad.gif

i can get into the DM servers almost 100% of the time just fine...

but AM...its like...50-50 chance i get in...and the (JAG) server seems to be hardest sad.gif


bah...o well...at least i can play again!

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yeah, it's so strange how the clientMFC crashes all the time on nolf1. I have found that it usually occurs when someone dies exactly as you are shooting. I have read that it also occurs with bad packet loss between server and client.

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